The Plog Story

We believe there is a better way to make our cities plastic free . A more valuable, less invasive way where people are transformed rather than lectured. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people realize it. We focus on creating culture and communities to make our city plastic free by organizing plog runs - runs where you pick plastic while you run. We're excited to organize the biggest plog run in the world and aim to reach out too everyone through our education and community.


What is Plog?

It's a movement by communities built by you.

Plog is a word coined by the Swedes who managed to engage their communities to clear plastic while running.


The Plog Community

Pioneers of a sustainable tomorrow.

Essence - People coming together to fight the plastic debacle.
Vibe - Discovering altrenate lifestyles and possibilities.

Promise - To create a plastic-free environment for everyone
Pledge - To be the ambassador of change.


Want in?

We got you.